Out with the Old... Files! Ring in the New Year.


By Joel Rosenthal, ProVest Vice President, Head of Credit Collections Business Development & Client Relations

ProVestThere’s nothing like the fresh start a new calendar year offers. New and loyal clients. Updated strategies. And an eager team ready to tackle industry challenges and opportunities.

As we prepare for 2024, firms have time to finish the year in a strong position by clearing older hard-to-serve files. The maxim—Tidy Desk. Tidy Mind.—relates to the collection industry. Many service of process vendors offer free programs to either increase liquidations or reduce costs.

As the year winds down, consider exploring Value-Added Programs that process serving vendors offer to save time and money.

  • E-filing of court documents.
  • Document integration.
  • Skip tracing.
    • Pre-suit skip tracing.
    • Skip tracing of actively placed files.
    • Communication of newly identified addresses that are out of venue.
    • Skipping of unable to serve older inventory.
  • State-specific automation to reduce internal law firm costs.
  • Sheriff management service for areas requiring a sheriff’s involvement.

Importantly, retain a Certified NCBA Vendor who can help ensure compliance through technology solutions, including an exportable internal audit of every server attempt and GPS/time-date stamped photos.

Before your litigation team members begin taking holiday vacations, there is an opportunity to end the year well and prepare for the next. Decluttering—our minds, offices, and files are exceptional ways to increase revenue or reduce expenses as we wrap up a year and plan for the next. Why wait when your vendor partners are here to help clean up your to-do list?!