Pillars & Subcommittees

National Creditors Bar Association focuses on key areas of the organization to support its services to the membership. The NCBA Pillar Structure supports these key areas of service.

If you are a member of National Creditors Bar Association and have any questions or would like to be involved in any of these Pillars or Subcommittees, please contact [email protected].

Advocacy Pillar

Co-Chairs: Eric Logvin and Brit Suttell
Staff Liaison: Nathan Willner

The Advocacy Pillar focuses on setting our policy priorities for ongoing advocacy for all creditors’ rights attorney issues within the government/regulatory environment at the federal and state level.

  • NCBA PAC - Chair: Michael Stillman
  • SCBA Leadership Forum - Co-Chairs: Adam Cleveland, Brian Cloud, and Eric Logvin
  • Amicus - Chair: Ronald Miller and Crystal Duplay
  • SCBA Grants - Chair: June Coleman

Membership & Engagement Pillar

Co-Chairs: Brian Chou and David Weimer
Staff Liaison: Jennifer Payne

The Membership Pillar relentlessly focuses on existing member well-being. What is the value that we provide? What problems are we solving? What opportunities are we facilitating? How do we know? What programs and benefits are we providing now compared to what the marketplace will demand 12-36 months from now?

Additionally, this Pillar’s focus is on recruiting new members and assisting in the retention of current members.

  • Subcontractor Oversight - Co-Chairs: Alison Walters, and Scott Morris
  • Client Advisory Council - Co-Chairs: Bill Hicks, David Rothman, and Michael Stillman
  • Partnership Program Advisory Council- Chair: Curtis Robertson

Communications Pillar

Co-Chairs: Craig Noack and Curtis Robertson
Staff Liaisons: Nathan Willner and Liz Terry

The Communications Pillar integrates with other pillars to enhance and strengthen the association’s brand and relationship with external audiences to include policy makers, key media, potential members, creditors, vendors, sponsors, and the public at large via consistent and relevant marketing, media relations, and cooperative relations with affiliated organizations and influencers. The Pillar will additionally work to strengthen communications to internal audiences through tailored messaging and persona-targeted marketing to participant segments, including members, creditor and vendor communities.

  • Awards & Scholarships - Chair: Crystal Duplay
  • Foundation - Chair: Rachel VanHorn

Education Pillar

Co-Chairs: Stacy Stein and Sarena Gaylor
Staff Liaison: Kristin Berkery

The Education Pillar facilitates the development of creditors rights attorney law education at all levels. The Pillar seeks to encourage collaboration among practitioners and presenters, focusing on the collection, review, and dissemination of information that is of beneficial interest to the membership of National Creditors Bar Association. The Education Pillar will focus on providing education opportunities for the different size and segments of our membership.

  • Defense Bar - Co-Chairs: Nicole Strickler and Tomio Narita

Infrastructure & Governance Pillar

Co-Chairs: Barb Nilsen, Michael Stillman, Tom Canary, Ellie Tami, and Steve Markoff
Staff Liaison: Liz Terry

The Infrastructure and Governance Pillar oversees key subcommittees that keep the association running smoothly, and assists members with regular reviews of Bylaws, Professional Standards, and the operating budget.

  • Executive Committee - Members: Barb Nilsen, Michael Stillman, Tom Canary, Ellie Tami, Steve Markoff, and Liz Terry
  • Governance Oversight Committee - Co-Chairs: Rachel VanHorn and Marvin Dang
  • Code Enforcement Committee - Chair: Steven Markoff
  • Budget and Audit - Chair: Ellie Tami
  • Leadership Development Committee
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Co-Chairs: Juan Andreu, Marvin Dang, and Brit Suttell
    The mission of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee is to leverage best practices and resources to promote equal opportunity and an inclusive culture that attracts and retains member attorneys, leaders, and industry partners with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and characteristics within the legal profession and NCBA.