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We're excited to offer, as a benefit of membership, free CLE on demand through our education platform, You'll now be able to access certain past NCBA webinars and receive CLE anytime you would like.

Using the platform is easy! Just sign in using your login and then you'll be able to access the available programs for free. During the course of the on demand webinar, you will be prompted with a single letter code to verify your attendance that you will submit once the program is complete. 

If you need technical support for the platform, you can reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

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Detailed Instructions and Operating Guidelines

  • To access the programs for free, you must be signed into our website. Log In may be done either when you add a program to the cart, by clicking on the program you are interested in, or selecting Log In from
  • Once signed in, you may save the program to view later or “launch” to view immediately.
  • On-Demand CLE credits are only issued to members who fulfill their State MCLE requirements and have not received live webinar credit for the same program previously.
  • CLE Credit will only be earned by members who view the on-demand programming in its entirety and submit the participation code.
  • To verify your webinar completion, participation code, and evaluation, the member must click the “Credit” tab on the top right of the screen.
  • Handouts are not available until you launch the video program. There are tabs at the top to select Handouts or submit a question to the speaker(s).
  • When a question is submitted to the speaker(s) it is sent to [email protected] for distribution to the appropriate speaker(s). Since the program is viewed at the convenience of the member, the question will be answered as soon as possible. This feature is also a requirement for CLE.
  • NCBA is proud to offer CLE nationally, accordingly we note that CLE accreditation is pending as each state’s accreditation standard varies.
  • As described below, ABA MCLE processes all NCBA’s CLE credits.

CLE Processing

NCBA must verify that we provide the following measurements for the certification requirements:

  1. Time Tracking – the video must be viewed in its entirety which is measured by the program. Fast forwarding disqualifies the viewer from eligibility for credit.
  2. Participation Code – this code is randomly (by the system) placed within the video for the viewer. Save the letter code when prompted on the program. There is an audio and visual prompt. You may also manually input the code via the credit tab AT THE CONCLUSION of watching the program in its entirety.
  3. Evaluation – NCBA must provide a survey for the participant to evaluate the program. This task is optional for the participant.

The system generates a weekly report to ABA MCLE of those Members who met the program CLE requirements. ABA MCLE then sends the member a unique/person specific affidavit link from [email protected]. Members must complete the affidavit and the state(s) for which they are requesting credit. There is an option for a non-CLE certificate of attendance as well. The certificate of attendance is generated immediately.