NCBA to Participate in Perdue Run-Off Campaign Efforts

Posted By: Nathan Willner News,

By Nathan Willner

In December, NCBA-PAC is participating in a virtual PAC event for Senator David Perdue (GA-R), the incumbent, in his upcoming run-off election against Democrat, Jon Ossoff.

Given that both the White House and the House of Representatives will be in the hands of the Democratic party, these run-offs are of critical importance for NCBA members. Fifty-one seats are needed for a majority and a Republican[NH1]  Senate is critical for the advancement of issues important to NCBA.

Republicans lead the race for majority in the Senate at 50 to 48. Two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia have a scheduled run-off election on January 5, 2021. If Republicans win at least one of the seats, the Republicans will have the majority. If the Democrats win both Georgia seats, the Senate would be split 50-50 and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will have the power to cast the deciding vote.

In the second run-off, incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler is facing Democrat Raphael Warnock for the other Georgia Senate seat.

Senator Perdue is currently a member of the Senate Banking Committee, giving the Perdue-Ossoff race additional importance. If you would like to support the Perdue run-off effort, in addition to NCBA’s contribution, please e-mail Nathan Willner for additional information.