Get Involved in 2023


Help support your association, learn from your peers, and grow your leadership skills by participating in an open committee or peer group in 2023!

We rely on our committees to guide the work we do, help shape our programming, and ensure we're focusing on the issues that matter most to our membership. Current committees that you can get involved with include:

We also host peer groups to facilitate informal, peer-to-peer discussions around specific topics. You can get involved at any time in these groups:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

NCBA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committee meets regularly throughout the year and has already begun to plan DE&I programming for the 2023 NCBA Connect Conference. The committee’s mission is to leverage best practices and resources to promote equal opportunity and an inclusive culture that attracts and retains member attorneys, leaders, and industry partners with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and characteristics within the legal profession and NCBA. The committee meets frequently to ensure DE&I remains a top priority for NCBA.

DE&I Committee Priorities:

  • Provide strategic leadership for the NCBA Board, NCBA staff, and members.
  • Work together with law firm representatives to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion, to develop strategic retention efforts that successfully attract and retain diverse NCBA members and leaders.
  • Team up with the Membership Committee to develop, recommend, and implement initiates targeted at broadening the NCBA’s outreach to the diverse array of creditors rights attorneys.
  • Coordinate and present CLE and non-CLE sessions that address how to create and implement diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, discuss recent events impacting diversity, equity and inclusion, and facilitate group discussions between NCBA, law firms, and other legal organizations.

To get involved, contact [email protected].

Membership & Engagement Pillar Committee

NCBA’s Membership & Engagement Pillar Committee meets on a regular basis throughout the year. The committee’s mission is to assist the association in achieving the Membership & Engagement Pillar mission: Increase and deepen member engagement in NCBA’s activities and increase the overall membership of NCBA.

Membership & Engagement Pillar Committee Priorities:

  • Participate in the new member onboarding Process to provide a welcoming environment to our newest members.
  • Assist the membership staff in crafting effective member surveys to improve the quality of the data in our database.
  • Assist in new member recruitment and current member retention initiatives.
  • Assist in developing membership programming that aligns with providing NCBA members with best practices, member benefits and/or education, to enhance their law firm practices.

To get involved, contact [email protected].

Education Pillar Committee

The Education Pillar helps with NCBA’s selection and development of creditors rights attorney law education. The Education Pillar develops a wide range of creditors rights education topics including programming for different size firms and different segments of our membership. The committee meets prior to each conference to review session proposals from our Call for Education, Defense Bar Committee suggestions, topics suggested by members, and current industry news. Committee members also help bring the sessions from ideas on paper to their final form as live presentations.

To get involved, contact Kristin Berkery at [email protected].

Defense Bar Committee

A subcommittee of the Education Pillar, the primary goal of the Defense Bar Committee is to provide NCBA members with creditors rights specific education on important legal trends while offering other Defense Bar members opportunities to collaborate with each other and share their skills and experiences.

To get involved, contact Kristin Berkery at [email protected].

Compliance Peer Forum

NCBA’s Compliance Peer Forum creates a safe space to share, problem-solve, and ask questions of your peers. During our virtual monthly Forum meetings, volunteers share some of their work in particular Compliance areas, the challenges they identified, and the decisions with which they are grappling. Forum facilitators do not give detailed presentations—rather their comments and questions to the group encourage participants to share challenges and thoughts as they tackle compliance initiatives (Reg F and beyond).

By providing a transparent, confidential and open discussion, our Peer Forum is a great way to target areas of improvement, learn from your peers, and brainstorm solutions for your law firms.

To get involved, contact Nathan Willner at [email protected].

SCBA Leadership Forum

The SCBA Leadership Forum meets every other month and offers a town hall platform to share state level advocacy, best practices and other state centric issues. This group is for anyone interested in tackling state level concerns.

To get involved, contact Nathan Willner at [email protected].

In-House Counsel Forum

The In-House Counsel Forum exists to provide our In-House Counsel Members an opportunity to meet informally for peer-to-peer discussions centered around creditors rights topics of practical interest. In-House Counsel Forum members address special management challenges they face practicing as corporate counsel in a highly regulated industry. Topics include compliance, legal ethics, best practices, client communications, and other real life solutions to raised hypotheticals. This group is open to NCBA In-House Counsel members only.

To get involved, contact Nathan Willner at [email protected].