Subcontractor Oversight Program

The Subcontractor Oversight Program created by the National Creditors Bar Association is for the assessment of third-party subcontractors for law firms including process servers, asset locators, letter vendors, software vendors, skip tracers, data vendors, and more.

Why Use NCBA Assessed Subcontractors?


  • Time and cost savings for performing data and physical security assessments to the level that your clients are expecting
  • NCBA member firms can use the single assessment for all your clients


  • NCBA Certified Subcontractors are creditable third-party vendors who have undergone a rigorous assessment


  • NCBA member firms can feel confident in knowing that subcontractors have been thoroughly audited before receiving the NCBA Subcontractor Certification


  • Members pay only $100 a year for each subcontractor assessment report 
  • Say goodbye to traveling to vendors and expending the time and resources to conduct an audit

Current Assessed Subcontractors

Stratus Payment Solutions

PPS Serve Smarter Logo

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TAG Process Service


ABC Legal


Provana Logo

Don't see your favorite vendor? Let us know ([email protected]) and we will reach out to encourage your vendors to join the program. 

How to Use NCBA Assessed Contractors

  1. Purchase an assessment(s) for the vendor(s) of your choice. 
  2. NCBA will send you a personalized copy of the subcontractor assessment report.
  3. Renew annually to continue using the report. 

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About Our Audit Partner

Crowe LLP has been selected by National Creditors Bar Association for the Subcontractor Certification Program to provide assessments of relevant internal controls on vendors that serve NCBA members.

Crowe LLP is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm that combines deep industry and specialized expertise with innovation. Crowe serves a wide variety of industries including banking, financial services, retail, and government. Learn more at