ProVest and Vertican Technologies Partner on Q-LawE Software Integration

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TAMPA, Fla. -- ProVest, an industry leader in serving legal process, announced that it is now fully integrated with Vertican’s Q-LawE platform. Vertican’s software offers many benefits, namely time savings and human data entry error elimination.

“While we pride ourselves on building strong relationships, we know our clients want to save time and money, making the entire process – from service to filing – more efficient and economical,” said ProVest CEO James Ward. “Vertican Technologies has a deep understanding of the credit collections industry. This integrated software solution will help our current and future clients boost file throughput and help ensure accuracy.”

According to Vertican’s Kurt Sund, product owner and creator of Q-Law and Q-LawE, integration is an essential element to client success. “We built an extensive integration into Q-LawE with ProVest to support the entire cycle. Our goal is to automate nearly every part of the legal service process, so ProVest’s clients realize significant savings and efficiencies.” Sund said, “We estimate clients will save 45-60 minutes per lawsuit. Imagine if a firm files 2,000 suits each month, this is no less than 1,500-man-hours, easily eight or more full-time employees!”

There are numerous benefits to automation for ProVest’s clients: status requests, stop service, send billing, invoice validation, credit card reconciliation, and automated document exchange. Additionally, from an accounting perspective, the ProVest integration includes the transfer of suit and process service invoices, which flow into the case’s cost accounting ledger.

Ward said, “As we celebrate ProVest’s 30th anniversary, we’re pleased to team with Vertican to offer our clients this automated and integrated solution. The benefits are numerous and will help our clients save time and money on every case. Technology adoption is greatly enhancing our industry’s future.”

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