Options for Legal Recovery Are Expanding in 2023


RNN: 1st SourceLegal Recovery Teams are expanding their business thanks to exciting new options that provide more comprehensive details on the consumers in their portfolios. RNN’s Judgment Solution, 1st Source, is built on quality data which provides guaranteed results with quick turnarounds of the verified information needed to increase judgment liquidation. 

For years, our industry has been searching for additional, accurate verification report data that can quickly confirm employment status. This data allows firms to pursue additional judgments while increasing their liquidation. With RNN’s new 1st Source Verification Report, you have access to the industry’s most extensive employment data in one accurate, unique, comprehensive consumer report.

Why use 1st Source 

RNN offers 48-hour or sooner returns of FCRA-compliant, comprehensive consumer reports with expanded employment information that is superior to other industry providers. The data is accurate and up-to-date and provides the following benefits:

  • Better Value- lower price point than most in the marketplace
  • Better Insight- with expanded employment data you’ll be able to better apply your resources to filing on high probability consumer accounts.
  • Robust Employment Details- start date, title, tenure, and more.
  • Stay Compliant- accurate consumer addresses give you the best address on file to serve your judgements.
  • Best in Class Service- A dedicated RNN Account Management Team will be there every step of the way!
  • No Hidden Fees- No minimums or Maximums and NO Monthly Fees

RNN LogoAs an additional benefit, once your 1st Source Hits are returned, you have the option to extend the portfolio performance by placing the remaining NO hit accounts into RNN’s Verified Employment Waterfall. This approach will yield more hits that have been manually verified and guaranteed accurate.

We invite you to experience RNN Group’s “Client specific, configurable approach” rather than the “one size fits all” that other providers force you to use! Contact us to today and we’ll begin the process of building YOUR asset search, the way you want in! Let’s drive the strongest ROI possible for your business!

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