Not Your Typical Holiday Season for Creditor Rights Attorneys

Posted By: Chip Stacy Articles,

December is a month many of us look forward to for many reasons. The holidays, family, and time off are undoubtedly at the top of the list. Also on the list at this time of year is our opportunity to catch up on work. The phones and emails are a little quieter as many prepare for the start of 2022. As attorneys, many of us use this time to catch up on projects, plan for the new year, and clean up our email inboxes.

For creditors rights attorneys, December 2021 is not your typical December and likely won’t afford us that extra time to get caught up and prepare for 2022.  The new debt collection rules are dominating our time as we all do our best to properly train our teams to abide by the new rules. As Liz Terry wrote in Weekly Journal last week, “NCBA has been hard at work supporting our members in preparing for the debt collection rules through training, group calls, and calls with the CFPB for clarification on hot topics among our members”.  As you work through this challenging December, please know that NCBA is here to support your efforts and hopefully ease some of the burden placed upon you and your firms.

The challenge of COVID-19 continues despite many of us believing that it would be in our rearview mirrors by now.  Before Friday November 26, Omicron was most associated with being the fifteenth star in a constellation. Now we all know that it represents “0” as the fifteenth letter in the Greek alphabet and thus, the 15th named COVID-19 variant.  With the new presence of Omicron and some resurgence of COVID-19 across the U.S., we will have to continue to operate our firms with heightened awareness and caution as we have for the past twenty-one months.

As creditor rights attorneys we are battle tested, and by using our experience and talent and with the support of NCBA, we will continue to preserve and succeed in conquering the challenges before us. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and hope the best for you and your families in 2022.