2023 NCBA Connect Exhibitors

We are excited to showcase these companies in our 2023 NCBA Connect Exhibit Hall.

360 Legal
ABC Legal + Docketly
Attorneys on Demand
Cogent by AgreeYa
Court Appearance Professionals
Factual Data

File & ServeXpress
Lateral Technology Inc.
Notifeye Legal Inc
Oliver Technology Corporation
Perfect Practice

Pro Asset
Receivables Management Association International
RNN Group
Service Exchange Network, LLC
VeriFacts, LLC

Exhibit Hall Map

Booth Number Company Name Contact Information Company Description
1 RNN Group Jennifer Sutton
[email protected]
RNN Group provides a centralized model for procuring the industry’s leading consumer data. By combining the best data with innovative technology, and professional agents who manually verify your information, RNN brings you the results you demand without the financial risk. RNN’s services are created by industry experts and are designed to provide your business with accurate, secure, and compliant data solutions to help manage and liquidate on any portfolio.  RNN data options include verified assets such as place of employment and bank accounts, compliance and skip trace data as well.  
2 Court Appearance Professionals Steve Levy
[email protected]
Court Appearance Professionals (CAP) is the nation's leading attorney owned, legal support corporation dedicated to handling court hearings across the country. CAP has been providing reliable and experienced attorneys to competently represent you and advocate for your client for over 24 years. All court appearances are priced on a flat fee basis starting as low as $59.00. We are confident that our services will help save your firm time and money while at the same time providing superior service.
3 VeriFacts, LLC Traci Oltmans
[email protected]
VeriFacts is proud to be a certified Woman Owned Small Business.  We are a resilient company with the ability to successfully adapt in an ever-changing market and industry. VeriFacts has come to be known for delivering quality location services to the financial industry, our refreshing and down to earth staff, and staying true to our promise of honesty and transparency.

We are ready to provide you with the perfect solution for finding and validating location, contact, and employment information. The information that we provide to clients is 100% accurate or your money back.
4 360 Legal Joseph Osborne
[email protected]
Legal Services provider for the collection and default servicing industries.
5 PaymentVision Angel Keller

[email protected]
PaymentVision, an Autoscribe company, is a financial services and payment processing company currently servicing thousands of financial institutions and corporate billers across the nation. PaymentVision electronic payment services offers a PCI-certified payment gateway that connects to the ACH and credit card network, which allows our clients to accept electronic payments via phone, web or their own contact center using our suite of payment channels or a payment API.
6 Perfect Practice Christy Smith
[email protected]
Perfect Practice® Collections Module can be modified to create specific client based rules in addition to including other areas of law. Features such as workflow management, mass merging of documents/letters are included.  This information is integrated with a full Financials/Accounting System. All of this in one database!
7 Proof Steve Bachtel
[email protected]
Proof is disrupting the service of process industry, creating the first technology of its kind to directly connect organizations with a national network of independent professional process servers for the delivery of legal documents. Thousands of organizations each month use Proof’s revolutionary technology to save time and money.
8 eFileMadeEasy Dario Diaz
[email protected]
Do you want your cases filed the same day?  Are you tired of having to rescrub files because you can't file them in a timely manner?

eFileMadeEasy is a fully automated efiling service that files with the state ePortal.  Our automation process can work with virtually any type of system and files.  Have an API, an FTP, single submission...no problem we can work with it.  At eFileMadeEasy we work closely with our clients to tailor a document creation method that not only streamlines the internal process, but allows eFiling to be seamless.

Stop by our booth, or visit www.eFileMadeEasy.com.
9 HealPay Erick Bzovi
[email protected]
HealPay is designed for the unique needs of collections attorneys and creditors’ rights firms. Our payment software is compliant with industry regulations—like Reg E, Reg F, FDCPA, and IOLTA— protecting your business and ensuring consumers receive the right disclosures at the right time.

Our omnichannel platform allows consumers or businesses to make a one-time or recurring payment, with or without an agent, during or after business hours.

Extend any combination of payment options: credit card, debit card, or ACH. Scale your collections business for the future of digital communications!
10 Pro Asset

Jack Coggins
[email protected]

Proprietary data sets delivering verified assets reducing waterfall costs and complexity while increasing liquidation.
11 ezPay365 Kevin Gaffer
[email protected]
ezPay365 is a payment solutions provider with the least expensive merchant fees in the collection industry. With 25 years ARM experience, we specialize in credit card processing & ACH, assisting you with a variety of payment methods, from direct bill to convenience fee passthru processing where state/creditor applicable. ezPay365 Digital Debt Recovery, is your 24 x7 collector and contains: FDCPA attestation, account review, make payments, consent messaging for Reg F, e-Sign, electronic forms, and built-in text & email. Contact us to schedule a demo and payment processing analysis.  
12 ABC Legal + Docketly Reid McNair
(206)521-9000 x3269
[email protected]
Nationwide Service of Process You Can Count On
Fast, seamless service of process wherever you need it. With our process server network covering all 50 states and beyond, we have you covered locally or out-of-state. Experience the difference of trackable, affordable, and verified service of process!

Docketly was created and developed by high volume collection attorneys who saw that law firms and agencies, which practice primarily in creditor’s rights, needed to efficiently schedule and retain high-quality attorneys to attend short procedural hearings in many jurisdictions.
13 Docketly Garrison McLagan
 [email protected]
Docketly is the leading appearance counsel provider. The custom-built software and in-house technical support give Docketly unsurpassed agility in problem-solving and easy access to a variety of data. This allows us to actively monitor attorney performance, stay on top of compliance requirements, and offer our clients the best prices.
14 Oliver Technology Corporation James Shaak
[email protected]
Oliver transforms legal servicing by consolidating data, orchestrating collaboration, and accelerating litigation strategies on a cloud-based platform with unprecedented automation.  
15 Cogent by AgreeYa Dave Adkins
[email protected]
A unified receivables, collections and litigation management platform for attorneys, and collection agencies, driving compliance, business optimization, and easy integration. Cogent’s intelligent rules engine ensures that claims and accounts are managed consistently, effectively, and in compliance with industry, state, local & client requirements. Engineered on Microsoft .Net architecture, Cogent is designed to provide omnichannel capabilities, intelligent document management, business automation, cost savings, and exceptional inventory management.
16 Factual Data Jim Lusk
[email protected]
Factual Data provides account receivables departments with tools to improve efficiency and enhance recovery efforts.  Our collection solutions consistently outperform competitors in head-to-head tests at collection agencies, skip specialists, return mail processers, and collection departments of major lenders.
18 Receivables Management Association International Jan Stieger
[email protected]
Receivables Management Association International is the nonprofit trade association that represents more than 600 companies that support the purchase, sale, and collection of performing and nonperforming receivables on the secondary market. RMAI member companies include debt buyers, collection agencies, law firms, originating creditors and industry-related product and service providers. RMAI provides its members with extensive networking, educational, and business development opportunities in asset classes that span numerous industries. 
21 File & ServeXpress David Small
[email protected]
File & ServeXpress focuses on providing creditors' rights and collections firms with integrated case, document and party management solutions that simplify the litigation workflow of any case.
By offering electronic filing to courts and law firms,  process service, secure document exchange among judges and attorneys, alert and notification tools, and a permanent document repository, File & ServeXpress offers a complete litigation solution throughout the life of a case.
22 JST Kurt Baese, Laura Boehling
(800)827-1457 / (804)288-7850
[email protected]
JST is developing the next generation of legal debt collection software, Accis. Built on a modern platform, Accis will provide unprecedented flexibility, security, and scalability. Accis users will have the freedom to choose between a cloud or self-hosted solution. This contemporary application will streamline workflows, serve diverse user types, support integration with industry vendor APIs, maintain powerful data security, and so much more. 
We are excited to talk to you to learn more about how Accis could move your practice forward.
23 & 24 ProVest Joel Rosenthal
[email protected]
ProVest is the stable, sound, and secure PROCESS SERVING choice for collection litigators. We are proud to be the 2022 Midland Internal Legal Vendor of the Year.  ProVest has nationwide coverage. Our clients frequently compliment us about our excellent customer service. ProVest offers innovative technology value adds like eliminating manual data entry/scanning , API e-filing, sheriff management, pre-suit/post-service deep data + skip tracing of your older inventory through our “Trash to Treasure” program.  ProVest is an NCBA certified vendor.
25 Attorneys on Demand Cliff Umans
[email protected]
Attorneys On Demand is the first national court appearance service providing hearing coverage anywhere in the country. Our established network of highly qualified attorneys have the in-depth knowledge of local courts, procedures and staff. By utilizing our service, we help streamline your firm's business operations. Your company maximizes efficiencies instead of your office spending precious resources locating an attorney or having an associate attend a hearing.
28 Pinpoint Gary Gardiner
[email protected]
Our Verified POE product is the result from over 15 yrs of refinement in both skiptrace techniques and software innovation.  With ever changing consumer trends and technology, we have been able to adapt and evolve giving us more ways than ever before to develop high quality leads.  Our professionally trained skiptracers understand that the integrity of the data is the foundation of our business.  They strive to get the most detail possible while still maintaining ethical and legal skiptracing practices.  All locates are guaranteed.  Our pricing model is contingent, so there is no risk to you. 
30 iDox.ai David Perrett
[email protected]
iDox.ai provides the world’s most advanced AI powered solution for organizations to scan and detect within document management systems, folders, and multitude of file sources.
Seamlessly compare and redact documents in over 47 file formats to protect sensitive data within your organization. Whether you handle financial, government, healthcare, or legal information, iDox.ai allows organizations to reduce human error, combat time sensitive redaction requests, avoid costly penalties at a fraction of the price. 
33 Lateral Technology Inc. Ian McManus
[email protected]
Lateral Technology provides a software platform unique in its ability to build legal and collection workflows helping automate business processes.  It provides communication from letter generation to email and form generation, compliance,  document management, document signing and legal time tracking all in one easy to use cloud-based system. It is quickly gaining traction in the legal collection space and offers a free proof of concept.  
34 Notifeye Legal Inc Jeff Nielsen
[email protected]
Notifeye Legal's transparent, efficient, and state-of-the-art legal platform empowers you to monitor and track your legal services every step of the way. Free yourself from the current inefficient and complex process. Avoid delays, save resources, and get quality products. We are changing the way process serving is done with
1 platform and 3 simple steps. 
35 Service Exchange Network, LLC Kimberly Brown
[email protected] [email protected]
The SERVE-X Technology was released by Service Exchange Network, LLC at the Spring 2009 NARCA and has continued to evolve with the industry’s needs. SERVE-X is a seamless transfer of data & documents between Attorney Firms & Service of Process Agencies. SERVE-X provides automation & standardization of placements with one or multiple agencies of case information, billing, status updates, service detail, documents and more. Information populates individual files for both the Firm & Agency. Customization programming available. For additional information, email [email protected]
36 & 37 Provana Sonal Bhargava
[email protected]
Provana offers cutting-edge technology platforms and a large global workforce with depth and breadth of experience across the collection life cycle. The combination makes Provana the perfect partner to help your firm increase profitability, improve performance and exceed client expectations.