2021 Fall Conference Exhibitors

Join us for the 2021 Fall Conference in San Antonio!  We are excited to showcase these companies in our Exhibit Hall. 


Exhibitor Directory

Booth Number Company Name Contact Information Company Description Product/Service Category
102 Text Request Dean Elrod
[email protected] 
Text Request is a business texting platform that helps you connect with clients to increase collections while saving time and money.  Our platform is team-friendly, with all the security and custom permissions you need to run an effective , compliant debt collections agency.  Book a demo to talk through your communications challenges and see Text Request in action @ www.textrequest.com/demo Communications
104 PaymentVision Angel Keller
[email protected]
Leading Payment Processing Company

PaymentVision provides businesses with leading technology in payment processing. We provide payment gateway solutions that are secure, compliant, and provide seamless integration. Collect payments by phone, text, online, mobile app, through walk-in network, interactive voice or kiosk at any time. Streamline bill collection and payment processing with PaymentVision. Learn more about our fully integrated payment processing channels.
Payment Processing
106 HSPS Legal Services Jared Deahr
[email protected]
HSPS Legal Services specializes in Process Service, eFiling, Skip Tracing and client process integration in Iowa, Missouri and Kansas.   Process Service and eFiling
108 Collection Partner Mat Arnal
[email protected]
Your Collection Partner for the next generation. After extensive beta testing our flagship program cpX is officially launching in 2022!  Software
114 JST Laura Boehling
[email protected]
JST is an industry leader in providing legal collections software and services. Collection Software
116 EZ Messenger Blaine Christopher
[email protected]
EZ Messenger, the nationwide leader in Service of Process.  EZ is a full-service litigation support and technology firm focused on service of process, automated e-Filing, skip tracing, venue identification, and fully compliant electronic service of process.   Visit www.ezmessenger.com to learn more.
Efficiently identify venue with EZ Venue now available in 42 states.  Don't be fooled by imitators, EZ Venue is the original and still the best venue software on the market - Visit www.ezvenue.app to learn more. 
Try www.ezknockmarketplace.com for one-off and out of state service of process.  
Service of Process, Venue Identification, Electronic Service of Process, Automated e-Filing
118 EveryBill Dan Lammon
[email protected]
(401) 262-5025 ex 110
EveryBill is a US provider of automated web and phone collection solutions that increase your client reach and service and reduce your costs. Our products are available in English and Spanish language versions and can also be customized to any other language that you require.

The key to successful collections is being capable to provide the client with the ability to pay how they want and when they want.

Get up and running fast and see results instantly with our simple solutions.
Automated collection products
122 Cogent By AgreeYa Aditya Jain
[email protected]
Cogent is a part of AgreeYa’s suite of leading-edge and business-driven products and solutions.

A comprehensive collection and claims management software for law firms and collection agencies, Cogent is specifically designed to provide business automation, easy integration, cost savings, solid compliance, accelerate recovery and exceptional inventory management.  Engineered on the latest Microsoft .Net framework, the product comes with state-of-the-art data warehousing and mining features and is scalable in number of users and volume of accounts.
Information Technology, Collection Software
124 Docketly Heather Thomas
[email protected]
Docketly is a software company that provides nationwide appearance counsel.  We connect law firms with a network of more than 10,000 experienced attorneys. Docketly is the industry leader in technology and innovation. Our intuitive, custom-built software and in-house technical support give us unsurpassed agility in problem-solving, as well as easy access to a variety of data. This allows us to actively monitor attorney performance, stay on top of compliance requirements, and offer our clients the best prices in the industry. Docketly is an ABC Legal company. Appearance Counsel
126 ABC Legal Services Heather Thomas
[email protected]
ABC Legal is the nation’s leading service of process and court filing company and is the official process server to the U.S. Department of Justice. ABC Legal’s applications are cloud-based and compatible with desktop and smartphone browsers. Our solutions and digital approach ensure process server partners, law firm customers, and their clients save valuable time and resources with maximum compliance, control, and transparency. ABC Legal provides service of process in all 50 states and 77 countries. Docketly, our subsidiary, provides appearance counsel on a digital platform.  Service of Process, Court Filing, Skip Tracing
128 RNN Group Kailea Greig
[email protected]
(505) 382-7993
RNN Group is a trusted and strategic partner for procuring verified and accurate data, national portfolio monitoring and innovative SaaS solutions to deliver control, consistency and visibility across national portfolio networks. Asset Procurement
130 Proof Allison Moore
[email protected]
Proof is a cutting edge tech company with an online service of process platform. Proof's platform streamlines the ability to create serve requests in all 50 states and provides live, verified updates on each attempt. Use Proof to create a serve in any state OR use our bulk capabilities to instantly create a large volume of serves all over the country. Our Live chat feature connects users directly to the server for instant answers.  Proof provides complete transparency, verification and communication on every serve from start to finish. Service of Process
132 Oliver Technology Corporation Donna Villanueva
[email protected]
Oliver Technology Corporation
Oliver transforms legal servicing by consolidating data, orchestrating collaboration, and accelerating litigation strategies on a cloud-based platform with unprecedented automation.  Our collections litigation platform provides complete oversight of your litigation process with built-in federal, state, local and venue-specific laws, rules, and procedures. Simplifying litigation and increasing revenue with rigorous compliance. Collections Litigation Platform, Collections Platform
134 Hatteras Inc. FocusOne Linda Woodward
[email protected]
Hatteras Inc. FocusOne
FocusOne is a division of Hatteras, Inc., a WBENC certified woman-owned full service design, data, print, mail & electronic communication delivery company founded in 1977. Print / Mail / Electronic Communications
138 Attorneys On Demand Cliff Umans
[email protected]
Attorneys On Demand is the first national court appearance service providing hearing coverage anywhere in the country. Our established network of highly qualified attorneys have the in-depth knowledge of local courts, procedures and staff. By utilizing our service, we help streamline your firm's business operations. Your company maximizes efficiencies instead of your office spending precious resources locating an attorney or having an associate attend a hearing. Court Appearance Service
140 Credit & Collection Education Forum (CCEF) Jay Winston
[email protected]
212 922 9482
Education/Must Have Industry News Resource /Compliance. Indispensable educational tool to its 350+ subscribing companies. Including over 50+ creditors. Subscriber list used by creditors, agencies, and law firms for referrals. Managed by Jay Winston, who is the author of  The  Complete Guide to Credit & Collection Law (2000+ Pages). Daily Case Updates and Monthly Bulletin (40pp). Don't see any activity on your list-serves? Because it is all on CCEF. Offers sample forms, policies, and procedures. Stop by booth 140 for a chance to win a Copy of CGCCL. (3 raffled). Education/News/Compliance
142 eFileMadeEasy Dario Diaz
[email protected]
eFileMadeEasy is the leading automated eFiling system for same day efiling in multiple state portals.  We work directly with our clients to ensure a seamless, fast, efficient, and economical way to efile court pleadings.  No off-shoring...EVER.  No re-scrubbing of files because they were not filed timely.  No more waiting days to get a case filed.  Significantly reduce misfilings and cases placed in the pending queue. eFiling Service
144 iMailTracking Holly Baya
[email protected]
(904) 403-0362
We offer comprehensive mail management solutions to allow our clients the freedom to focus on their core business and thrive in competitive times.

We offer scalable solutions, leveraging a variety of technologies to produce efficiencies, saving our customers time and money.

We have an industry leading reputation, with more than 25 years of experience, providing the highest level of customer service and support.  We understand the urgency and security your mail demands and strive to earn your business every day.
Mail Services
152 Receivables Management Association International Kristy Schrimsher
[email protected]
Receivables Management Association International is the nonprofit trade association representing more than 570 companies that support the purchase, sale and collection of performing and nonperforming receivables on the secondary market. Ask us about membership, certification & advocacy. Save the date for the RMAI Annual Conference 2/7-10/22. Industry Trade Association, Compliance Management, Education/Training
154 HealPay Jakob Boertje
[email protected]
HealPay is a payment software provider helping firms resolve more accounts through portfolio targeting and intelligent payment options. Our omni-channel payment products allow firms to accept one-time or recurring payments, with or without an agent, during or after business hours. HealPay integrates with leading receivables software and payment gateways to automate payments and reduce data entry. Our solutions are designed for consumer privacy and friendliness, allowing firms to stay compliant with industry regulations. Visit HealPay.com for more information or to contact us for a demo. Consumer-Friendly Payment Software Provider, Online Payments, Phone Payments, Merchant Services
156 Court Appearance Professionals Eric Levy
[email protected]
Court Appearance Professionals (CAP) is the nation's leading attorney owned, legal support corporation dedicated to handling court hearings across the country.  CAP has been providing reliable and experienced attorneys to competently represent you and advocate for your client for over 24 years.  All court appearances are priced on a flat fee basis starting as low as $59.00.  We are confident that our services will help save your firm time and money while at the same time providing superior service. Appearance Attorneys
110,112 ProVest LLC Joel Rosenthal
[email protected]
ProVest is the stable, sound, and secure PROCESS SERVING choice for collection litigators.  ProVest offers service nationwide with more corporate owned/operated offices than any other server, rather than third party affiliates.  We understand that service rate and timelines are important and we are able to exceed your expectations.  ProVest value adds like eliminating manual data entry/scanning + skip tracing.   ProVest is SOC/SSAE certified + meets the Process Serving Standards Summit compliance standards + easy for our clients to audit remotely through our fully transparent 24/7 web portal.  Innovative outsourcing programs–-API e-filing, sheriff management, pre-suit/post-service deep data + skip tracing of your older inventory. Same as Spring 2021
146,148 Provana Britney Schaeffer
[email protected]
Provana is a SaaS platform that gives leaders control over process-intensive operations. We serve law firms, insurance companies, accounts receivable agencies and networked enterprises in the US market that are tightly regulated by the CFPB and other authorities. Provana is built on decades of experience in machine learning and natural language processing and helps customers manage sensitive interactions, analyze unstructured data, process personal information and ensure compliance. Learn more at www.provana.com.  ARM software and services