To assist our members, National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA) created the MAI/IPL Task Force, made up of attorney experts as a resource to our members that are dealing with MAI issues and to monitor rulings and pending cases.

Members can now request feedback and consultation on MAI cases by e-mailing a brief description of the case being brought by a consumer attorney and request a meeting with taskforce members.

For hundreds of years the primary regulation and oversight of the legal profession has traditionally been vested in the court of highest authority of the state in which an attorney is licensed.

NCBA believes that this traditional oversight should continue and not be vested in federal or state agencies, Congress or State legislatures, because the courts are in the best position to fulfill that important function.

Unfortunately, our members continue to be sued under the flawed concept of “meaningful attorney involvement” (MAI) that seeks to usurp the independence of the practice of law (IPL) and regulate the attorney-client relationship, confidentiality and the very manner in which attorneys choose to best represent their clients.

Request MAI/IPL Taskforce feedback and consultation by e-mailing [email protected].

Additionally, in order to catalogue recent MAI cases and decisions please forward recent MAI cases (including cite) to [email protected].

MAI/IPL Task Force Chairs

Barbara Nilsen
Blitt and Gaines, P.C.

Britt Suttell
Barron & Newburg, P.C.