Keith D. Weiner & Associates Co., L.P.A.

The Oswald Center, 1100 Superior Avenue East, Suite 1100 Cleveland, OH 44114 United States


Law Firm

Member Since: 2012

Organization Overview

Located in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio with a satellite offices in Wisconsin, Kentucky, and West Virginia covering all four states. In business since 1985. Firm places significant emphasis on compliance and data security and offers its clients a dedicated real time website for tracking progress of their accounts. Firm handles all aspects of pre-legal, legal and post judgment collections and boasts a strong national and local client base. Firm has a solid reputation for competency and trustworthiness within the industry.

City & States of Additional Office Locations

Milwaukee,WI, Louisville KY, Morgantown WV

Practice Areas

Auto Loans, Bankruptcy, Commercial Collections, Commercial Lease Deficiencies (Post Eviction), Contracts - General, Credit Cards, Credit Unions, Foreclosure, Government/Tax, Judgment Enforcement, Mortgage Deficiencies (Post Mortgage Auction), Repossession/Replevin, Residential Lease Deficiencies (Post Eviction), Residential Tenant Eviction, Student Loans

Licensed to practice in these additional states:

Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Wisconsin