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Organization Overview

Clunk, Hoose Co., LPA understands each challenge associated with collecting on outstanding accounts. Our attorneys provide professional legal direction to handle all your collection matters. Clunk, Hoose Co., LPA knows that each debt collection matter is unique. Our attorneys are able to customize services to fit the individual needs of each client. As a law firm, Clunk, Hoose Co., LPA has the ability to take legal action against debtors. Using a number of collection methods to collect the pending debt, including wage garnishments, bank levies, and property liens. Our firm specialize in servicing hospitals, medical professionals, small business owners, and consumer and retail credit grantors. We also assist collection agencies and creditors with the collection of debt throughout the State of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
Legal fees can be structured as hourly or contingent. Feel free to contact us to discuss your collections.
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Practice Areas

Auto Loans, Bankruptcy, Commercial Collections, Contracts - General, Credit Cards, Credit Unions, Family Support, FDCPA Defense, Foreclosure, Government/Tax, HOA, Insurance Subrogation, Judgment Enforcement, Landlord/Tenant, Liens/Mechanic's Liens, Medical Bills, Probate, Repossession/Replevin, Student Loans, Utilities/Communications