2022 Fall Conference Exhibitors

We are excited to showcase these companies in our 2022 Fall Conference Exhibit Hall. 

Exhibit Hall Map


Booth Number Company Name Contact Information Company Description
1 ABC Legal Reid McNair
[email protected]
ABC Legal makes diligent, timely service of process what it should be: streamlined, automated and simple to manage, via smart technology that empowers servers and enhances law firms’ efficiency and completed service rates.

Procedural tasks, streamlined. Service of process, simplified.
2 Docketly Rocky Ashby
800-910-1492 ext 713
[email protected]
Docketly is the leading appearance counsel provider. The custom-built software and in-house technical support give Docketly unsurpassed agility in problem-solving and easy access to a variety of data. This allows us to actively monitor attorney performance, stay on top of compliance requirements, and offer our clients the best prices.
3 ConfirmDelivery (Engineering Innovation) Brian McCammon
[email protected]
Need to send sensitive documents with tracking or pieces that require signature on delivery? Keep your mail accountable with ConfirmDelivery. ConfirmDelivery is a web-based program that simplifies processing Certified Mail. Our program saves substantial time by eliminating the need to fill out green cards as well as reducing the cost of postage. You can process one piece at a time or batches of thousands. Simply pay per piece at any point, no subscriptions needed. After the mail is delivered, the electronically captured signature is automatically sent back to the user’s email.
4 Oliver Technology Corporation James Shaak
[email protected]
Oliver transforms legal servicing by consolidating data collection, orchestrating team collaboration, and accelerating litigation strategies on a cloud-based platform with unprecedented automation and compliance. Our collections litigation platform gives creditors complete oversight of their litigation processes with built-in federal, state, local and venue-specific laws, rules, and procedures.

Designed by experienced collections litigators in conjunction with creditors to provide a complete solution from pre-placement to satisfaction. 
6 The Chase Agency Josh Miller
[email protected]
The Chase Agency is a nationwide full-service process service company. We maintain 5 offices in New York State but can serve your documents anywhere the defendant or witness resides. The Chase Agency offers an unprecedented level of communication for our clients with automatic email updates and 24/7 online access to all your jobs. We have been in business for 25 years and our founder is a licensed private investigator with the ability to locate those hard-to-find subjects. Let The Chase Agency be your one-stop-shop for all your process service needs.
8 Nifty Marketing Dominic Cahillane
[email protected]
At Nifty we believe there is a right way to do marketing for law firms. We live and breathe legal marketing and travel the country talking about it. It is our goal to help lawyers get back in the “lawyer seat” and do what they are best at. To accomplish this we become a true partner and friend with the law firms that join the Nifty team. We become an integral member of the team and thrive on the success of the lawyers we work with. We take pride in being transparent and honest in everything we do. We are a bunch of passionate marketers in a small farming community with good values & ethics.
10 Cogent by AgreeYa Dave Atkins
[email protected]
Modern and intuitive receivables, collections and litigation management software platform for organizations looking to consolidate collections, better manage compliance, automate business processes, and improve their bottom line. Powered by the cloud, mobile, and a model database, Cogent comes with state-of-the-art data warehousing, omni channel communication and business intelligence features, and is scalable in number of users and volume of accounts.
11 & 12 Provana Anne Dannhausen
[email protected]
Provana’s compliance and performance management solutions are the first of their kind, providing effortless control over process-intensive and regulated operations. Provana technology is based on a decade of business process management, AI, RPA, regulatory compliance, and secure data operation. The Provana platform can be enabled with managed services and has modules for call analytics, consumer self-service, policies, procedures, disputes, complaints, internal & external audits, noncompliance resolution, licensing & insurance, and BI for operational control. Learn more at www.provana.com.
13 RMAi Jan Stieger
[email protected]
RMAI is the nonprofit trade association that represents nearly 600 companies that support the purchase, sale and collection of performing and nonperforming receivables on the secondary market. RMAI member companies work in a variety of financial services fields, including debt buying, collection agencies, law firms, originating creditors and industry-related product and service providers. RMAI provides its members with extensive networking, educational and business development opportunities in asset classes that span numerous industries. 
16 & 17 RNN Group Jennifer Sutton
[email protected]
Founded in 2012, RNN Group has spent the last 10 years focusing on correct and compliant data service solutions for financial institutions, including front end application verification services, fraud detection tools, accurate customer data and verified asset monitoring. RNN clients include financial institutions, multi-industry lenders, collection law firms, collection agencies and debt buyers.

The goal of RNN Group, Inc. is to change the industry for the better by providing more accurate and lower cost guaranteed results with an exceptional level of customer service. 
20 CompuMail, Inc. Stephanie Kaster
[email protected]
CompuMail cultivates partnerships with our clients to ensure that they receive the best results, under the highest level of data security, at the most competitive price. We provide mailing and communication services, with a real-time portal to meet your management and oversight needs. Technology changes, business changes, but our commitment to service doesn’t.
21 Perfect Practice Christy Smith
[email protected]
Perfect Practice® Collections Module can be modified to create specific client based rules in addition to including other areas of law. Features such as workflow management, mass merging of documents/letters are included. This information is integrated with a full Financials/Accounting System. All of this in one database!
22 360 Legal Mike Weaver
888-360-5345 ext 101
[email protected]
360 Legal specializes in process serving, efiling, and skip tracing.
23 Attorneys On Demand Cliff Umans
[email protected]
Attorneys On Demand is the first national court appearance service providing hearing coverage anywhere in the country. Our established network of highly qualified attorneys have the in-depth knowledge of local courts, procedures and staff. By utilizing our service, we help streamline your firm's business operations. Your company maximizes efficiencies instead of your office spending precious resources locating an attorney or having an associate attend a hearing.
24 Collection Partner Solutions Mat Arnal
[email protected]
Collection Partner Solutions is the case management application for Law Firms looking for a competitive edge over the competition. The cpX product offers a real time SQL Database backend to drive business analytics. We have a modern software stack with native API architecture. Our staff has over a hundred years of experience working at all levels within Collection Law Firms. We are more than your software partner; we are your peers. We know your business because we grew up in it.  
25 Proof Jim Thompson
[email protected]
Proof is disrupting the service of process industry, creating the first technology of its kind to directly connect law firms with a national network of independent professional process servers for the delivery of legal documents. Thousands of law firms each month use Proof’s revolutionary technology to save time and money.
26 HealPay Erick Bzovi
[email protected]
HealPay was founded in 2010 based on a simple belief: payments should be easy. As consumers steadily embrace new payments technologies, we believe paying should always be a painless process whether it's done on a computer, mobile device, or over the phone.
28 Titanium Legal Max Hawes
[email protected]
Since 2003, Titanium Legal has served the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Alaska, and as far East as Maine. We employ legal specialists whose responsibilities include keeping abreast of state process-serving guidelines throughout the U.S. We are also an official partner of the DOJ.

We are an all inclusive and innovative firm that employs the quickest in-house methods of pre-filing, process servicing, garnishments, evictions, skip tracing, certified mailings and more.

From start to finish, we'll provide the services you need for your case to succeed.
30 Collexin, Inc. David Gengler
[email protected]
At Collexin, we increase collections and decrease frustrations by using machine learning to optimize the collections process. Using automated emails, texts, and other forms of electronic communication, we improve the bottom line for lenders and third-party collection agencies while increasing customer satisfaction.
31 eFileMadeEasy (Legal Automation Systems) Dario Diaz
[email protected]
eFileMadeEasy is a truly, fully automated, efiling service that files pleadings with the state portals. Files are efiled the same day preventing the need for tracking and rescrubbing cases. Full compliance with all security and encryption standards and all U.S. based.

At eFileMadeEasy we do one thing, we efile. We do it better, faster, and affordably.
32 Hatteras Inc. FocusOne Linda Woodward
[email protected]
FocusOne is a division of Hatteras, Inc., a WBENC certified woman-owned full service design, data, print, mail & electronic communication delivery company in 1977.
33 Court Appearance Professionals Steve Levy
[email protected]
Court Appearance Professionals (CAP) is the nation's leading attorney owned, legal support corporation dedicated to handling court hearings across the country. CAP has been providing reliable and experienced attorneys to competently represent you and advocate for your client for over 24 years. All court appearances are priced on a flat fee basis starting as low as $59.00. We are confident that our services will help save your firm time and money while at the same time providing superior service.
34 JST Laura Boehling
[email protected]
Visit JST to learn more about Accis, the next generation of legal debt collection software. Built on a modern platform, Accis will provide unprecedented flexibility, security, and scalability. Whether you are a current JST customer or on another platform come see what the future looks like for debt recovery software.

Accis users will have the freedom to choose between a cloud or self-hosted solution. This contemporary application will streamline workflows, serve diverse user types, support integration with industry vendor APIs, maintain powerful data security, and so much more. 
36 & 38 ProVest Joel Rosenthal
[email protected]
ProVest is the stable, sound, and secure PROCESS SERVING choice for collection litigators. ProVest offers service nationwide with more corporate owned/operated offices than any other server, rather than third party affiliates. We understand that service rate and timelines are important and we are able to exceed your expectations. ProVest value adds like eliminating manual data entry/scanning + skip tracing. ProVest is an NCBA certified vendor + meets the Process Serving Standards Summit compliance standards + easy for our clients to audit remotely through our fully transparent 24/7 web portal. Innovative outsourcing programs–-API e-filing, sheriff management, pre-suit/post-service deep data + skip tracing of your older inventory through our “Trash to Treasure” program.
39 Payment Vision Rob Mengarelli
[email protected]
PaymentVision is a biller-direct, PCI-compliant, electronic payment gateway provider. PaymentVision offers a full suite of multi-language solutions ranging from our own internal gateway to credit/debit card and ACH processing, IVR, Text-to-pay, debt negotiation, AVS, and more.